About Me

Every story has a beginning and mine started early on with a love of reading! I grew up, in Maine, in a household with a vast array of books (both of my parents are avid readers as well).  The philosophy of our household was, “if you can reach it, you can read it”. This was handy for me as a child, as most of our bookshelves were fairly low to the ground! I did read books that average kids read, of course, but I was also able to get my hands on a variety of other books that few of my peers were reading at the time – mostly classics, non-fiction works and a lot of Stephen King.  The first SK book I read was, Salem’s Lot.  I was in the 4th grade and that sealed the deal for me; constant reader for life!

I created megsbookrack as an avenue to express my love of all things books – reading them, collecting them, taking pictures of them, talking about them, constantly reorganizing them….if you are visiting this site, you may have similar interests to this!

I started out with megs_booksrack on Instagram.  I found the most incredible community of fellow bookworms there that only helped to further fuel my passion and channel it into actual, tangible things.  I have only been a member of this community for a matter of months but already I feel that it has completely overhauled my outlook on creativity and making it more a part of my every day life.  This is certainly something that I would encourage other bibliophiles to embrace!

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