Review: Pasta Mortem (Supper Club Mystery #7) by Ellery Adams and Rosemary Stevens

Pasta MortemPasta Mortem by Ellery Adams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

**3.5-stars rounded up**

Oh, what a delightful treat to be back with James Henry and his jovial Supper Club!

In this, the seventh installment of the Supper Club Mystery series, we return to Quincy’s Gap, Virginia at a time when the town is gaining a bit of unwanted attention.

A well-loved, no longer running television show has decided to host their 25th-year reunion at a local B&B where the show was once filmed. This event brings actors and fans alike to the once quiet town.

Hot on the heels of the acting types and those who love them, comes an ambitious real estate developer who has his sights set on a couple of large Quincy’s Gap properties. A few of the local residents, including James, are more than dismayed to hear of his plans for the town.

The interactions between the locals and out-of-towners are tense, with many just wishing things would go back to normal. Before that can happen, the real estate developer ends up dead. Bludgeoned to death in his bed at the B&B.

The prime suspect, resident nosey reporter, Murphy, has had run-ins with the Supper Club members in the past. Although they do not trust her, they also don’t believe her to be a murderer.

So, as they do, James and the gang set out to discover the true culprit.

I have read every book in this series and I just adore them. The characters are so fun and I love how they interact with one another. This one did feel a little more serious than some of the others as far as tone but I still really enjoyed it.

The humor wasn’t as prevalent but regardless of that, it is still a really solid cozy. You do not necessarily have to read them all or in order but I think you gain the best reading experience from doing so. Over the course of the series, you watch the different members of the group grow and change. It’s lovely.

If you are a fan of cozy mystery series, love food and like to laugh, you should definitely check this series out. I highly recommend to my cozy friends. You know who you are! Thank you to the publisher, Beyond the Page, for providing me with a copy to read and review. I really appreciate the opportunity!

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