Review: Howls From Hell, a collection edited by HOWL Society

Howls From HellHowls From Hell by Grady Hendrix
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

**3.5-stars rounded up**

Howls From Hell is an entertaining Horror Anthology packed full of over-the-top, toe-cringing content!!

Prior to reading, I discovered that this well-rounded collection was collectively edited by, HOWL Society, which if I understand correctly, is an online group for Horror Readers and Writers.

I think this is fascinating and such a great example of the camaraderie that can be found within the Horror Fiction community.

Yes, I know we have our problems, but the whole essence of this collection is what it should be all about. Supporting one another in this genre we all feel so passionately about.

In addition to its compelling origin, this is a wildly varied and engrossing collection. It’s absolutely worth the read.

I looked forward to starting each new story, as I never knew what to expect. Each author brought their own unique style and voice.

If I were to select my three favorite stories of the collection, they would be: Gooseberry Bramble by Solomon Forse, It Gets In Your Eyes by Joseph Andre Thomas and Junco Creek by S.E. Denton.

Overall, the entire collection is great though. The Foreward by Grady Hendrix brought me to the brink of tears; oh, the nostalgia.

I think of the 16-stories included, only two didn’t resonate with me.

With this being said, I definitely think there is something in this anthology for every Horror Reader.

If you consider yourself a fan of the genre, give it a go, support your community and have a fun time doing it!

Howls From Hell will be releasing next Tuesday, May 18th!!

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