Status Update: Sitting Murder

Good afternoon guys & ghouls!  Sorry, I’m still a bit in the Halloween spirit – Last night I made a lot of progress in the book, Sitting Murder by A.J. Wright.  I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher Endeavor Press in exchange for an honest review.

First off, the cover – that is what attracted me to this book; it’s gorgeous!  This is apparently book #4, in a currently 4 book series called the Lancashire Detective Mystery series.  This being said, I was unaware of the earlier books prior to starting this and I don’t feel that it is inhibiting my enjoyment at all.  I don’t feel like I am missing any pertinent information.

I have noticed there is not a lot of really strong character development – it is a pretty standard police procedural with the classic, whodunit, format.  However, it is a historical fiction mystery, being set in Victorian times which is fabulous!  I love the atmosphere the book has created thus far – it has such a gothic feel with a girl acting as a Medium, seances and a murder!  Seriously, what’s not to love!?

I was surprised when I checked on Instagram that there were no posts regarding this author or this series.  It is really well written, I wish it were getting a bit more attention.  You know I’ll be posting it once I am complete with a review – I am looking forward to finishing this one up!

Happy Reading!

Let’s Talk The Gunslinger

Happy November 1st bookworms!  Since this whole blog thing is new to me, I am trying to get in the habit of writing every day.  With this being said, I think it is necessary for me to look back a bit and discuss books I have read in the past – not just my current reads.

Let’s talk The Gunslinger.  I finished reading The Gunslinger (Book 1 in Stephen King’s hugely popular The Dark Tower Series) on October 1st of this year.  This was a reread for me.  Originally when I read this story, I was in my early 20’s, just out of undergraduate school and to be honest, I just didn’t get it. I didn’t like the atmosphere, I didn’t like the strange dialogue, I didn’t like the ending for Jack – I had read a lot of King and this just was different for me.

Rereading it now, on the cusp of 40, I loved it! I love the world-building, I love Roland, I understand what happened to Jack, I understand where this is going. The palaver between Roland and Walter at the end…..chills. Where once I may have given this book 3 stars, I now give it 5 (easily). I put it down and immediately went to my bookshelf and got The Drawing of Three: The Dark Tower II and started reading it (staying up way past my bedtime in order to do so). I need to get to this tower!

I have not seen the movie that was recently released and frankly, I am a little hesitant to watch.  I have heard so many negative things about it and I don’t want it to have any effect upon my current experience with the series.

Happy to hear anyone’s input/comments on the book to movie comparison to this one and whether or not you feel the movie is worth a watch!

May your November be fruitful – may you get many pages, many chapters, many books read!